Onetastic 3.2.3 Multilingual

Onetastic 3.2.3 Multilingual

Onetastic 3.2.3 Multilingual | 5.4 MB

A powerful and handy multi-purpose add-in for Microsoft OneNote that can help you edit macros, process images or tamper with text content

Handling certain tasks in Microsoft OneNote, especially macro creation and automation can be done easier using Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote.

This Microsoft OneNote plugin works as a multi-purpose suite of tools which can help you automate certain repetitive tasks, known as macros, or handle document contents, such as text blocks or images. In order to properly work, the program requires Microsoft OneNote installed and running on your computer.
Reliable Microsoft OneNote multi-purpose addin

The application allows you to perform a wide range of processes on your Microsoft OneNote documents, such as macros edition, image handling or custom styles. By doing so, you can optimize your workflow and win some extra time by quickly processing your notes.

With the help of the macro editor, you can automate several processes, such as replacing certain links or removing certain words and replacing them with others. In addition, you can quickly create custom macros, so that you can automate any process you can think that would be useful for your files.
Handy plugin that bookmarks your favorite files

Onetastic can extend the basic functionality of Microsoft OneNote, by adding several tools meant to automate document handling or store the path of your favorite files. This way, you can quickly access and edit them anytime.

Another useful feature of Onetastic is the built-in OneCalendar, a plugin that helps you view Microsoft OneNote documents as a calendar. In this manner, you can check your timetable with ease, or schedule tasks and appointments in just a couple of clicks.

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